Blue & Blues #TREND IN STYLE

The world is not only black and white. Colours are crux of life. WHAT is the most important thing in a girl’s wardrobe? The answer is up to the individual. But it’s hard to deny that a bag can hold its value far longer to the mean city streets day after day. It could also be argued that the bag you carry says something about youLife is too short to carry boring bags.

Blue & Blues, leather bags and wallets looks as an extension of my being. It throws convention into the dark corners of my wardrobe. They alluringly adapt the texture of my hands but also evolve and mature to the shape of my body. It gives an unending palette of enticing hues.


     logo2 Blue & Blues are known for providing the best quality in leather products. Some are wild like tarantella, the racy Italian dance; some tranquil like gondolas in serene Venice evenings. It is an ideal blend of latest design with an Italian touch. It is made with an exquisite craftsmanship that heralds a new trend. They develop a richness with age. We know, just as leather physically changes over time, so deepens the meaning of the product in your life.


The bold look of this tan shaded croco leather texture is the chief attraction of this wallet. Keeping in mind the taste of the cosmopolitan women, this is a very stylish pick for regular use. The brand logo on one corner adds to the appeal of this creation. It has a fine cut and the entire look has a prototypical appeal. It can go well with your classic denims and is also a deluxe pick for your formal outfits. I’m sure that it will instantly become your favorite go-to item.


                     “HANDBAGS are like accessories, only the prints change”.

Simple yet classy – that’s the call of Blue. A simplistic leather hand bag in the serene shades of cobalt blue will make anyone’s day. One can carry this to office or college on a Monday and beat the Monday Blues, in style!! It adds a dash of vibrance to your summer outfits with its bold borders.


OHH!! One can’t really get over with this red clutch which gives a casual yet edgy look at the same time.It is a continental clutch with it’s body made in milled soft-grain leather. It can be carried well with bodycon dresses. There are so many options to choose from that one can be spoiled for choice. It’s time to take inspiration from the country of iridescent panorama and a charmingly multihued culture. ‘Colour up’- Italian Style! Like us, colours can be their own people. It’s time to enter the world of coloured leather. Enter the world of Blue & Blues.



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