Life is so unpredictable. There comes this time when the same people whom you were surrounded with vanishes away from your lives in a split second. We live everyday of our life finding happiness in the money that we have earned.

People start believing that money buys happiness.  BUT IS IT REALLY TRUE??

There might be mixed feelings regarding the same. But once you face a loss, you realise then and there, that these are all material things. We live our lives worrying about the material things like growing up our daughters, collecting enough dowry for the wedding’s, earning a living for our family, going on vacations, having a luxurious lifestyle or maybe having our bank accounts loaded with money. When will that time come when you can actually enjoy a moment without worrying about anything else and start creating memories? 


Death just doesn’t take away the soul of a person perhaps, it also takes away the happiness of many others who are related to them. That time, all we are left with are the photos and clothes of our loved ones and not their presence or essence which could make us feel closer to them again. I always mention my dad’s words which I instantly got reminded of while watching a YouTube video and that is “It’s not the goodbye’s that hurts, rather it’s the flashbacks that follows”. Everyday, everyone is struggling to live and to love. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die and go there. And yet, death is the destination that we all share. There’s no escape and it is the most unjustified of all fears.


My father’s demise was the turning point in my life and that time I felt how privileged I was to share the last few hours of his life with him. Being too young and the eldest one in the family, it was never to easy for me to cope up with the same. There are times, when I have to act as if I’m fine and everything can get better. That day, I understood that nothing is better than leading a meaningful life and cherishing the people and life around us. If once it goes away, we will be left with nothing other than ashes. Seeing a person dying in front of your eyes is bigger than any pain in this world.


Mostly, it’s loss that teaches us the worth of things. But, why do you want to wait for that time, when you can just stand free, happy and enjoy the moments with your loved ones that you are blessed with instead of complaining. Write every chapter of your life, but remember that each phase should be filled with happiness and joy. It’s not something too common to talk about, people feel miserable to even talk of the same. However, at times we all get such thoughts and there’s nothing wrong with it. I can recall a saying The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone” by “Harriet Beecher Stowe”. So, our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them. Make the most of your life so that we can leave our treasures behind. Instead of being scared of something, make that naught get scared of you.


“There’s never any death rather only a change of worlds”.




5 thoughts on “NAUGHTS

  1. Well said !!! That’s the bitter truth in today’s world . When the most important or close ones goes away from our life only then we realise their importance .
    My advice to everyone is that give time to their family instead of wasting time in other things. Time is a precious gift which never come back again and those beautiful moments too .

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