Own who you are

“There is no need to pretend who you are”.

Maybe what I’m going to write about is a widespread topic. Do we all know what does the word “girl” mean?? “GIRL” is not just a word but an image of self- confidence and clout. Somewhere, our world is full of hope in a hopeless situation. Being a girl is not a sin instead it is a gift sent by God. It is one of that masterpiece that God sketched before creating man.


“Girls” are the ones who knots the whole family together, who’s one smile brightens up the day, the one whose courage is a revolution, the one who is not only the creator and maintainer but an educator and disciplinary as well. They are not the edge of reason but the reason itself. They no longer lags behind the man. The most important thing is that people should learn to appreciate them regardless of anything. Sometimes, what strikes like lightning in my mind is that the concept of not respecting the girl child still creeps into our system.


A woman plays endlessly different roles throughout her life. Be it of a daughter, sister, friend, mother, grandmother etc etc.. Every role has its own beauty and importance. And in that, the most thankless role is that of a mother. Mother’s play a central role in rearing honest, contributing members of society’s next generation yet motherhood is not always given the importance that it deserves. Mother’s play a vital role in finding the strength to battle the questions of our own mind, own failings and sinfulness, as well as the pressures of society and the trials and sorrows of life. She carries the miracle of new life inside her body.


Still today, the inequality is so entrenched that it isn’t even questioned. Even today, after coming across news talking of the crime and ill- treatment towards women in advanced countries like India shatters our heart. The same person who are worshipped as Goddess are neglected and played with by our society. India has always held high esteem but such a pathetic situation having developed is extremely disheartening . They are facing domestic, obstetric and mob violence in pandemic proportions. “What is one getting by dragging themselves involved into such violent acts? The answer to this question is NOTHING!!”


But I remember reading this very famous line that ” Darkness cannot drive our darkness, Only light can do that”. Sometimes, it seems hard to even think whether there will come a time when we will no longer have to face these dreadful days. THEN COMES MY MOM telling me that “When it rains, look for rainbows”. It is just a statement for all, but try getting into the depth of it and then one will realise the strengths of girls. We have enough strengths and weaknesses to survive and excel in a world still dominated by men.


We should remember that we all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to test. I’m so proud to be living in such an environment where my presence and achievements are appreciated be it big or small. Remember,








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