Count your blessings

Everyone will think that it’s a very conventional topic. But for me it’s just like a milestone which gave me a reason to look forward to each and everyday of  my life. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such people who ignores all our cantankerous behavior and fulfills all our demands and yet not realizing that there exists those too who are struggling to find their source of happiness in petty things. Even after having everything, we feel discouraged upon life’s billows. 


We should stop right there and take out sometime to appreciate those resplendent and divine blessings that god hath done. One should be happy to have good useful hands to carry things, to write words. To hold the close ones tightly. To have legs to walk, mouth to talk, eyes to explore and breath to keep oneself alive. We should embrace the word Blessing now in every sense of it. Our decisions have consequences just beyond us.

At times, when we get to hear about broken marriages, relationships or friendships because of the actions or words used by others. We don’t realise that there still sit those innocent children in the cross fire of them who end up being their escape goats. Perhaps, we should learn to use our failures for our glory. The forgiveness comes from the humbling of one’s self to admit their sins.


I never really understood when in school teachers told us to “Count our blessings”,  we ended up laughing upon it and considering it to be just an unpretentious statement. But today when we understood the true sense of it, I can say that i embrace them all. Be it “the storm, the destructions, the nature, the good or bad times”, embrace them and be grateful for it. But also remember that our spoonful efforts of contribution to other people’s blessing will mean the world to them. Knowingly or unknowingly, whatever we do comes back to us in diverse forms. Every minute, every hour, every day is a blessing.

                   “Cherish them because they have been sent to us for today”.

17 thoughts on “Count your blessings

  1. A very meaningful post. The creativity was oozing out of every word, you gracefully stitched together your ideas in a very graceful way. A warm welcome to wordpress I sincerely hope that your blog continues to bloom in a beautiful way in the near future. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

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      1. Thanks for following me, I’m currently working on a new poem in the meantime please feel free to explore any previous writings whenever you feel like 😊

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  2. You always motivate me so much, ans I just never knew that you write so well ❤ And way you create an image inside readers head is so amazing 🙈 You make the reader connect to your thoughts and thats the biggest compliment for any writer ❤ Keep writing 😘


    1. You are my source of motivation. You guide me like my stepping stone. And your appreciation gives me the confidence that what I’m doing is somewhere good. Means alott..❤❤


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