It is a bitter reality which everybody have to accept. Fortune is said to be blind with no distinction between the good or bad and the brave and the cowardly. We all face some sort of difficulties in our lives be it in any field. But what is crucial  for us is to be able to combat such obstacles.

One is told to act as brave as a preacher. It is because only a preacher sanctifies the ground as a cemetery.


Nothing ever came easy. These obstacles creates fear in some people’s life and on the other hand develops courage in other’s that creates the boldness to overcome the rigid and harsh realities of life. We intermittently presume that success is simply a matter of luck but that’s not true. Maybe, it can be considered half true!! In a real sense, one doesn’t achieve success in any field just by sitting at one place and expecting it to happen on it’s own.

If we stalk our goals like a lion, all bold and devoted to stalk it’s prey,, nothing can ever stop us. Someone had very well said this, “A lion sleeps in the heart of a brave man”, so find the purpose and become unstoppable. Luck is intangible and noone can guarantee it. If it doesn’t work, it just leaves behind a great disappointment.


               Even Abraham Lincoln said, “The harder we work, the luckier we get”.

WE should be bold enough to take up any venture. Even if we make mistakes or fail, we should always keep ourselves going as it helps us in upgrading ourselves in areas where we lack in ability or approach. If we deviate our path then we wouldn’t be able to form our footprints in the sands of that time. At times, we feel that just because we weren’t able to pass any exam we lose all hope and stop putting efforts into it. On the contrary, if we accept our failure and deal it positively with more hardwork then even our luck supports us because failure is not a step backward.


For me failure is a type of freedom. You want to know why?? Because the worst had happened and now we can relax and rebuild our life. It doesn’t mean that we should chase failure but should take it as being a companion of success. Be wise with your confidence, hardwork, abilities, attitude but also weakness and compile them all together into one whole. The fortune will come racing towards us. The fears that we don’t face become or limits.


Life in itself demands such failure so that it can see how we stand up back on our feet and grows vim by reflection. We should broaden up our mentality from what we hear, it is the strength of the body that counts, but more precisely the strength of the spirit. Pain nourishes our courage. Being bold doesn’t always points towards the aggressive side but the strong belief, enactment and patience.

 “Boldness is never blind, for it sees not dangers and inconveniences whence it is bad in    council though good in execution”.   – Francis Bacon






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