Own who you are

“There is no need to pretend who you are”. Maybe what I’m going to write about is a widespread topic. Do we all know what does the word “girl” mean?? “GIRL” is not just a word but an image of self- confidence and clout. Somewhere, our world is full of hope in a hopeless situation. […]

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Blue & Blues #TREND IN STYLE

The world is not only black and white. Colours are crux of life. WHAT is the most important thing in a girl’s wardrobe? The answer is up to the individual. But it’s hard to deny that a bag can hold its value far longer to the mean city streets day after day. It could also be argued […]

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Count your blessings

Everyone will think that it’s a very conventional topic. But for me it’s just like a milestone which gave me a reason to look forward to each and everyday of  my life. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such people who ignores all our cantankerous behavior and fulfills all our demands and yet […]

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