Blessing in Disguise

Blessing is a biblical word meaning “a prayer asking for divine favour or attention”. The great “Joel Osteen” has beautifully taught us that when you focus on being a blessing God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.

There are times, when one has to face an obnoxious crisis considering it to be a major downfall. Or else coming to our ordinary life, where one goes through heartbreaks, failure, pain, loss, backstabbing and whatnot. After all this, one starts to doubt their ownselves that maybe we by ourselves lack the capability or skills to shine in these kindred fields. Is that so..?? Definitely not, I remember my dad explaining this one thing that “life is just like a seawave and we are born to be a surfer”.


Nothing comes easy. Rather, if we don’t fall, we won’t be able to run that extra mile with even more vigor than before. It can be felt off as being too mainstream. It’s because we look for shortcuts. Failure has itself turned into a myth. Longing towards paths where after falling once, we end up thinking that it’s an impossible task. The worst of all is that we start judging ourselves being that loser who was never capable enough to succeed in life.


Disguise has always been prevalent in the world. Missing a bus, not getting a job, getting locked in lifts, not being able to pass entrance exams, delays etc etc. We have faced them all at some point in our life. They may not seem like the end of our world because they aren’t. But at the time, they always feel like a major big deal because it occurred at wrong and odd times. Somehow, these unfortunate things happen so that we can appreciate the good things that we have overlooked otherwise. At times a downfall through it’s life – altering lessons, makes us a better person. We mostly consider it in a negative light, but for those who have faced it have bounced back from it and have understood it’s necessity for success.


We mostly feel that it’s not as glamourous to talk about it. At times, when we go through something and can walk away with first hand experience, it helps to develop a deeper understanding of life. The more one falls, the more resilient one becomes. “It’s okay to fail. But it’s not okay to give up“. Success will taste so much sweeter when we reach it. If one has failed in life, we can use it as a leverage to not only recover from it, but to help propel us forward in the future. It’s not the end of the road rather it is the beginning of a blessing which will mould our goals and redefine them.

               “What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”.





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